A Darling Yellow Dress + My Third Trimester Update

Bonjour, mes amis! Whew, it has been quite an eventful couple of weeks.  I’m trying my hardest to keep up with blogging but pregnancy is definitely slowing me down in all aspects of my life right now.  If you’re wondering what I’m up to or looking for some daily Francophile inspiration you can always find me on Instagram here.  I actually just ordered this planner because I’ve been feeling a little scatterbrained (pregnancy brain is real!).  Between blogging and my freelance copywriting, I really wanted an hour by hour planner and I’m so excited to get my life in order when it arrives!

It’s definitely getting harder to find clothes that fit – even maternity clothes are feeling snug – so I was pleasantly surprised that this darling yellow dress in non-maternity sizing fit perfectly!  I also love love love this yellow gingham dress. I’m still absolutely adoring gingham as I mentioned here.  These days we tend to dress our bumps in more form-fitting clothes but this wider silhouette totally hearkens back to what our grandmothers would have been wearing when expecting our mamas. How sweet is that?  There’s a definite 1960s vibe to this look, especially with the addition of a block heel and this glam-meets-kitsch bag that I just can’t stop wearing.  I completely understand the inclination to wear more billowy silhouettes when expecting since tight clothes are not my friend in the third trimester!

Speaking of the third trimester, I can’t believe it’s already here!  Well, I can in some ways because ten months is a loooong time to be pregnant and I’m definitely experiencing that final stretch of the marathon feeling.  But in some ways, it’s just so unfathomable that I won’t be carrying this little girl in me for that much longer.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to not being pregnant for many mostly health related reasons, but there’s also something so emotional about knowing that my time with her in this iteration is coming to an end.  After she’s here, I’ll always feel like she’s a part of me but she’ll feel like her own being, as I know from my own experience as a daughter.  This mama stuff delves deep into my heart in ways I’ve never felt before.  So why have I been a tad crazed these last few weeks? Keep reading to find out.

How am I feeling?

I’m nearly 32 weeks now and there’s been a lot going on.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 30 weeks which frankly, has really turned my life upside down (and given me such a new level of empathy for those living with full-time diabetes).  I have to take my blood four times a day and my diet has become extremely regimented and limited (no carbs or sugar!) or my blood sugar goes to levels that can be dangerous to my baby.  I’m hoping to control it with diet and exercise but my doctors aren’t sure I’ll be able to so I may need to add insulin to the mix.  It’s amazing how you just do what needs to be done as a mother.  I never thought I’d be capable of taking my own blood or injecting myself with medication but at this point, it’s just another part of pregnant life.  I was pretty dejected about the whole situation at first and felt really out of control, but the more I educated myself and the longer I’m living with it, the more okay I feel about things.  I’ve felt a bit isolated since most of my friends haven’t had babies yet and can’t really relate to what I’m going through although they listen to my fears and don’t minimize what I’m dealing with, which means the world, truly.  My doctors have assured me that nothing I did caused this to happen. Rather, my placenta is just inhibiting my own natural ability to process sugar.  I have informed my doctor that I really think gestational diabetes needs a rebrand.  I’m thinking “placental sugar intolerance.”  No takers yet, but I think it would make all of us suffering from GD feel a whole lot better about the diagnosis!

Otherwise, I feel pretty good!  If I’m on my feet for too long they start to hurt and my belly starts to feel heavy and painful.  I was a bridesmaid last weekend and the day was about 15 hours long and let’s just say it wasn’t the easiest on my body!  I’m learning to listen to myself and slow down when I need to in a way that I haven’t before.

How big is baby?

She is BIG! I can feel her cute little tushy on the left of my belly button almost all day long and the occasional foot kicking my right side. vShe weighs around three pounds and is about 16 inches long – almost as long as she’ll be when she’s born!  I have an ultrasound next week and I’ll know more about her size then!  I hope she’s wiggling and waving like she has in our past ultrasounds.  She’s a goofball like her mama for sure!


Still craving sweet but I really can’t have it so eating is tough. I still have nausea and gagging and most of the foods I’m allowed to eat make it worse, so food is not so much fun right now.  It’s particularly hard because I’m a total foodie and food has always been such a source of joy for me.  Typically, I’m scouting the newest restaurants, searching for recipes, and shopping for hours at specialty stores for the right ingredients so removing that from my world is challenging.  I’m getting really creative with my diet and I’ll definitely be sharing some gestational diabetes friendly ideas here soon.

Weight gain?

My weight gain has actually slowed down. Probably because I’m not eating cake anymore…

How am I preparing for birth?

I’m going to a chiropractor and doing acupuncture once a week, going to prenatal yoga, practicing my hypnobirthing breathing techniques, and just trying to stay really positive about how my birth is going to go!  Someone suggested that I politely decline when people want to share their birth “horror stories” and I’ve found that really helpful!

What’s the best part about being pregnant so far?

Still feeling her move and having my husband feel her in my belly.  We talk about her all the time and I love daydreaming with him about who she’ll be and what we’ll feel when we finally get to hold her in our arms.

Thanks for following along on my pregnancy journey!  Despite the complications, it’s still been one of my favorite seasons of life so far and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be growing this baby.  As always, I really try to be honest on this blog about my experiences and sometimes that means sharing that everything isn’t always sundresses and flowers – but it can still be just as beautiful!



3 thoughts on “A Darling Yellow Dress + My Third Trimester Update

  1. Nadine

    Hi there! Fellow Philadelphian here. I was wondering if you could recommend a pre-natal yoga studio. There seem to be a variety of offerings in Philly but I’m not really sure where to start. I’ve heard good things about Mama’s Wellness Joint. Any suggestions?

    1. Natalie Post author

      Hi Nadine! I love Mama’s Wellness Joint and have been going there throughout my whole pregnancy. They also do prenatal massage and have mama and me classes for once your babe arrives. I highly recommend it!


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