Sunday Brunch Stripes

I’ve been at that weird in-between pregnancy stage for a few weeks where I just feel bigger in general but I haven’t quite had that cute bump yet.  It’s been more like an overall expansion of my entire midsection.  Can any other mamas-to-be relate?! It’s such a weird time bodywise before you really show.  Today I woke up and realized my belly was looking more round so I decided to wear a maternity dress for the first time to show it off!  One of the things I’ve felt a little self-conscious about is how early I started showing.  My doctor has assured me it’s because I’m petite and so there’s really nowhere for baby to go but out.  I’m now embracing my almost four-month belly in all its glory and am enjoying it thoroughly!  I haven’t felt baby move yet but stay tuned – hopefully in the next few weeks!

We went to brunch with some friends at Kanella and even though it was chilly we opted to walk along the quaint Queen Village streets to admire the shuttered brick homes and narrow pedestrian walkways.  If you’re ever in Philadelphia, you absolutely must snag a reservation at Kanella for brunch or dinner.  If you head over for brunch, the bloody mary with beet and celery juice is the best in town.  Mine was virgin, of course, and still delicious!

I’ve always been a huge fan of stripes.  They feel French and put together and I never tire of them.  I really don’t think you can ever have too many stripes, right?!  I may have a bit of a stripe addiction.  My closet is a collection of stripes, mainly of the white, black and navy variety so I was excited to find this black and tan striped maternity dress for less than $30 from Asos!  I paired it with leggings and booties for our chilly walk but I can see it being really cute in the spring with bare legs and black sandals.

I hope your Sunday is as relaxing as it can be given what’s going on in our country right now.  I’m planning on donating to the ACLU today (their work is this weekend has been extraordinary and I want to help any way I can) and feeling grateful that I have a country to call home – even if it’s not behaving at all like the country I once knew.

I’ve linked a bunch of striped dresses – both maternity and not – as well as some cute striped baby clothes below!


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