Stripes and Baby Bumps

If it hasn’t become clear yet, I love, love, love stripes!  I recently went to visit my mom and realized I had pretty much only packed stripes (oops!).  I feel like they go with everything and work well for pretty much every occasion (ok, maybe not black tie but I’m sure I could find a way…).  Prior to the J.Crew stripe fashion invasion of recent years, I used to long for the perfect striped Breton shirt.  Originally, Breton stripes were used by the French navy to help distinguish seamen from the waves if they ended up overboard.  Fun fact: the original Breton striped shirts had exactly 21 stripes to signify each of Napolean’s victories against the British.  Break that one out at your next dinner party.  You’re welcome.  Stripes caught on with the fashion set after Coco Chanel became inspired by the stripes worn in Brittany, France and incorporated them in her nautical line.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  I think it’s the confluence of French minimalist fashion and nautical sensibility that makes the stripe my tried and true closet staple.

This maternity dress combines my love of stripes with a more fashion-forward feel thanks to the shoulder cutouts and midi length (which I love pairing with these block heels).  I have found no shortage of striped maternity dresses and I have a collection of various striped dresses (as seen here and here) that have become my go-to maternity essentials.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I find that body-hugging silhouettes are more flattering on the bump than my typical oversized go-to looks. I will admit when I first saw these photos I was a little taken aback at how…large I have become.  I know, I know I’m pregnant and a unicorn and my body is growing a person and everything I do is magical and maternal and glowing.  BUT sometimes when you are a blogger and part of a community of amazingly beautiful, thin women who appear to only carry their babies in a cute round lower stomach bump with zero weight gain in any other part of their body, it can be a little tough to see yourself as a pregnant goddess.  I have been told over and over again that “I’m all belly” which is super sweet except no, that’s not true and I’m ok with it.  I have gained over 20 pounds and it’s not all in my belly.  It’s everrrryyywhere and you know what, that’s great because my legs and butt need to bulk up to support this (measuring big) baby and my breasts are getting ready to make milk that will feed her.  Oh and my arms and face?  They just decided to join in on the weight gain for kicks.  I’ve always been petite but curvy and I’m embracing my extremely womanly figure from head to toe.  So after thinking about it that way, I actually love how I look in these photos because this is how my body is carrying my baby. And the cute dress doesn’t hurt either.

I’ve linked some very similar styles below in both maternity and non-maternity sizes for your striped shopping pleasure!


3 thoughts on “Stripes and Baby Bumps

  1. Khoi

    I’ve worn stripes in the past that made me look like a mime..but i did hop on board the J. Crew breton stripe train and I really like the look. It’s clean, simple and goes exceptionally well with navy and white.

    And now that I know a bit of the history, makes it that much more cool.

    Thanks for sharing!



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