Prenatal Pampering

I read a wonderful article by Arianna Huffington yesterday about removing ourselves from the inefficient cycle of outrage in this alternative reality we are currently living in and it got me thinking about self-care.  With the utter chaos that’s ensued in the news, on my Facebook news feed, and in our country since the Cheeto took office it can be difficult to slow down.  Doing things for myself feels selfish right now.  Shouldn’t I be calling my (unresponsive) senator?  Or protesting?  Yes and yes. But as Arianna says, “The goal of any true resistance is to affect outcomes, not just to vent.  And the only way to affect outcomes and thrive in our lives, is to find the eye in the hurricane, and act from that place of inner strength.”  Channeling our inner strength requires replenishing our own energy stores and taking the time to engage in self-love and self-care.

As I lay awake last night, (because pregnancy insomnia is the worst), I started thinking about pregnancy and pampering and voila this post was born!  These totally apply to non-expecting ladies, too!

  1. Get a prenatal massage.  I just had my first one and it was really lovely.  I wasn’t sure how they would position me without laying on my stomach but it turns out you can get a wonderful massage on your back and sides!
  2. Schedule regular facials.  This one is definitely a splurge but I notice such a dramatic difference when I’m diligent about going.  See if your dermatologist offers facials – I find medical grade treatments the most effective.  Or give yourself a home facial with this mask and this powerful exfoliator.
  3. Try acupuncture.  I know, getting prodded with tiny needles may seem more like torture than pampering but trust me, this is a zen feeling like you’ve never experienced.  Plus there are tons of health benefits for mama and baby.
  4. Get a mani-pedi.  I always feel so much more put together with a fresh gel mani and non-terrifyingly dry feet.
  5. Treat yourself with scents.  Invest in a decadent candle or explore aromatherapy.  I love lavender’s soothing effects.
  6. Up your shower game.  Upgrade to a body wash and lotion set and give your strands a deep conditioning treatment once a week.
  7. Do a boudoir shoot.  I modeled for a photographer friend last week and was surprised at how empowering the experience was.  I highly recommend doing one to commemorate this special time in your life!
  8. Buy a pretty nightgown No need to live in your husband’s sweatpants (is that just me?).  Invest in some more feminine lounge and sleepwear – it’s nine months long after all!  I love these, these, and these.
  9. Get your om on.  Never been into meditating?  This administration might be the time to start!  I’ve been loving Expectful so far.  Check out a prenatal yoga class, too.  It’s a great way to prepare for birth and stay relaxed with breathing techniques.
  10. Get your house cleaned.  Splurge on a professional housecleaning before baby comes.  It will be one less thing on your to-do list, especially since bending over is basically impossible which really hinders the whole cleaning process!

Whatever you do to find your inner zen and replenish your energy resources, try to remember that it’s integral to take care of yourself so you can be the best, most effective version of yourself.  What do you do to unwind?  Let me know in the comments below!.

(Photos by the extremely talented Amberlee of Whimsical Imagery)


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