Poncho Weather

There are really no words to describe the joy of publicly wearing a blanket. The overwhelming popularity of Snuggies highly supports this thesis. If I could wear a blanket and black leather pants November-February I would undoubtedly be at least 19-23% happier during the winter months. Winter in Chicago is no joke and even when I’m indoors, the chill from commuting keeps me cold long after I should have thawed. Enter the poncho. It covers all. It is chic. It is a BLANKET that you wear, my friends. I purchased this Southwestern inspired poncho in this picture at an overwhelmingly adorable and cool boutique in Chicago. Una Mae’s is like walking into your coolest friend’s apartment, except your friend has racks of gorgeous, one of a kind, laid back cool clothes and accessories that you can buy. There is even a little attic with couches and a vintage record player with some really great sale pieces to peruse. In short, one very hungover Sunday I fell in love with this store and the poncho I now wear as often as socially acceptable.

If you want your own wearable blanket check out this playful one from Anthropologie, this boho luxe beauty from Free People, this geometric gem from Zara, or for a more budget friendly version there’s this one from Asos and this so aptly named “blanket cape.” Because let’s be honest, we all just want to wear a blanket cape during the winter months.

{Paired with these Rag and Bone classic Newbury booties and these Madewell coated black jeans which are now $49.99 – you need these pants.}


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