Peace of Mind Thanks to the Owlet Smart Sock

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As a mama-to-be there are a million things to consider when preparing to welcome a tiny human into my life. Without a doubt, one of my biggest new parent fears surrounds my daughter’s well-being while she’s sleeping — and I’m sleeping (because we all know moms and dads desperately need to sleep while baby sleeps!).  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit of a worrier and having a complicated pregnancy has definitely exacerbated that tendency since it’s shown me that so much of this whole parenting thing is out of my control.  As much as I want to believe everything will go perfectly smoothly, I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to get any sleep even when the baby’s sleeping, especially in those early days and weeks.  After carrying her around for almost 10 months and knowing every little movement she makes, sleeping apart from her is definitely going to be an adjustment.  It’s enough to make me think I’ll just stare at her while she sleeps and never sleep again! Except, I’m going to need my sleep to be the best mama I can be and that’s just totally unrealistic and impractical!

So how to quell these fears? Well, over the course of my pregnancy I’ve researched so many baby products and one that keeps coming up again and again is the Owlet Smart Sock.  I hadn’t considered acquiring two separate monitors prior to pregnancy (definitely want a video one to watch her during naps, too!), but the more I read and the more stories I heard from real parents, the more I realized that I needed the Owlet Smart Sock.  The Owlet is a “Smart Sock” that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen while she sleeps, designed to notify you on a nearby base station and your smartphone if those levels fall outside the preset zones.  To sum it up, it’s peace of mind for parents.  I think all parents worry — that’s just the nature of being a parent, but it’s reassuring to know there’s a little something out there to help with some of that worry.

Getting the Owlet Smart Sock has already alleviated a lot of my new parent jitters so I can only imagine how I’ll feel once she’s here and we’re going to sleep knowing that if her heart rate or oxygen fall outside the preset zones, I’ll be notified and able to tend to her ASAP.  That added tracking means a much more rested mama.  The new Owlet Smart Sock 2 has been updated to reduce false notifications thanks to a more accurate sensor placement and advanced hardware and firmware ­– a concern I read about in a lot of my online forums.  With everything that goes into creating a life, acquiring this little device seems like a small price to pay for peace of mind.  A sweet little sock that can help me sleep better at night?  Probably one of the easier decisions I’ll make on this parenting journey!

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