New Season, New Hair

One of my biggest challenges during my pregnancy is not knowing how I’m going to feel on a given day.  I tend to get a little anxious when making commitments since there’s a pretty big chance I’ll want to bail from being too tired or nauseous (yay pregnancy!).  But seriously, I’ve cancelled countless hair appointments since I started my pregnancy and while a few friends have complimented me on my ombré hair, we all know I’ve just been rocking some serious lazy girl roots and it was time for me to get a new hair color ASAP.

Heading into spring, I was determined to get my hair cut and color in a good place, especially since I have baby showers, maternity shoots and lots of fun things planned!  A few local blogger friends I know have been using a new service called Concihairge to get their hair done at home and I just knew I had to try it for myself.

I set up my appointment via e-mail (which I loved) and quickly received a message from my stylist asking about what I was hoping to achieve with my color and if I had any pictures for inspiration. This was a very good sign in my book. Naturally, I sent her my embarrassingly extensive Pinterest board that’s filled with all the same ashy blonde I’ve been trying to achieve for the last year.

My stylist, Monica, came to my house with everything she needed to cut and color my hair and set up in my dining room while I put the finishing touches on a frittata.  This was already definitely not my typical hair experience in the best way possible.  We spent the morning chatting as she colored my hair while my dog sat right next to me.  I even wrote a blog post while my color was setting! I felt so relaxed. Needless to say, I was already envisioning myself as a domestic goddess once the baby comes, cooking frittatas, doing laundry, nursing AND being pampered in my own home.  Since I’m going to be staying at home with my baby and working, not having to sacrifice a weekend day with my husband to spend hours in the salon is huge for me.

And the results? Well, see for yourself!! My best friend who has been along on my hair color journey for the last year said it perfectly, “They totally nailed it on the first try!” I’ve never been so 100% happy with my color.  It’s the perfect ashy but still bright blonde with all the dimension I wanted.  She also gave me a trim and my hair is moving like a Pantene commercial. I’ve already booked my next appointments for my shower and maternity shoot and I have a feeling Monica and I are going to be friends for a loooong time.


If you want to try Concihairge for yourself, they are currently serving Philadelphia’s Main Line and the western suburbs as well as Alexandria and Arlington in Virginia right outside of D.C.  They are launching in Philadelphia in May for all you city gals! To book just e-mail them at

P.S. – This amazing maternity dress is by ASOS and it comes in a bunch of colors!


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