My Clean Beauty Routine

Looking to clean up your beauty routine but not sure where to start? I feel you! I found out I was pregnant right after a busy couple of months of writing about Anthropologie’s new beauty brands.  After digging deep into what set these natural beauty lines apart and looking up every single ingredient to suss out the benefits, I was already rethinking my own beauty regimen.  After finding out I was expecting, I decided to switch over to some more natural products.  If you’re looking to clean up your regimen, this site is a great place to start to search products and find out how clean they really are.  Following some trial and error, I found the products that work for me and I plan on continuing to use them after the baby is born.  Not all of these products are 100% natural and organic, I found my comfort level with what chemicals I was willing to include and which ones I wouldn’t budge on and went from there. As I mentioned in my post about what natural makeup I use, I try my hardest to use the cleanest products available but I am also unwilling to compromise on effectiveness.  Finding that balance can take a little time, but I swear by these products now and think you’ll love them, too!



I like to rotate between a few different cleansers by keeping one in the shower and two by my sink.  I find that my skin adapts too much to using only one and I like to keep my pores guessing! I love Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser for everyday use.  I’m amazed by how glowy and bright my skin is after using it for the last six months and I think this might be a desert island product at this point.  I have always had mild hormonal acne so I like to mix in acne fighting ingredients like Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Cleanser.  I use Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser a few times a week to fight aging.  Pregnancy means no retinol and I’ve found glycolic acid is an excellent wrinkle fighting alternative.


I spray this facial spray on my face several times a day for a moisturizing boost – it smells divine and it’s $7!  I also love it for air travel for a moisturizing pick-me-up.  My skin can handle a lot without drying out so I follow my evening cleanse with Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Toner to keep my pores small and wrinkles at bay.  I’ve noticed a significant reduction in discoloration and breakouts using this toner.


Again, I like to rotate a few different moisturizers into my routine.  I use this moisturizer daily and I think paired with the glycolic products mentioned above that I have found the holy grail of wrinkle reducing products that don’t cost a fortune.  It leaves my skin sooo soft and the AHAs gently remove dead skin without me even realizing it. At night I slather on a ton of this seaweed night cream.  It’s so silky and refreshing and leaves my skin looking plump and youthful every morning.


When I remember, which if I’m being honest isn’t all that often,  I apply this vitamin C serum under my moisturizer before bed.  High concentrations of vitamin C seriously brighten skin tone and using this only 1-2 times a week has even made a difference. Collagen and hyaluronic acid also help with aging.  Maybe I should start using it more often…

For deep, cystic acne I swear by this buffering lotion.  Apply it at the first signs and you’ll be amazed by how fast they dissipate. Make sure to shake it well before applying!


I keep my hair routine really simple and try to shampoo and condition every three days so I don’t overdry it.  Also, I’m lazy.  I use this clarifying shampoo to deeply clean once a week and this volumizing shampoo with ginseng for regular use.  I use this conditioner for damaged hair since I highlight mine and feel it can always use a little extra love. It’s formulated with a ton of botanicals like coconut oil, aloe leaf juice, shea butter, hibiscus flower extract, orange peel oil, grapefruit peel oil, lemon peel oil, tangerine peel oil and sandalwood oil – and smells absurdly yummy.  I swear by using a deep conditioner at least once a week, especially if you have long hair!  Apply it only from the ears down though – your roots produce oil so the hair closest to your scalp is naturally less dry.


I love, love, love lavender so I pair Dr. Bronner’s body wash with this moisturizer for a completely relaxing shower experience.  Something about the warm shower air and lavender essential oils puts me in a completely tranquil head space.  I have to admit, transitioning to a natural deodorant hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped, but after trying several, I think this one does the trick.

Whew! That’s a lot of information! As I said, I cleaned up my beauty routine but I haven’t gone 100% organic.  I find that these products are much, much cleaner than the majority of those out there but are still incredibly effective.


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