L’Edition No. 1

I’m excited to start a new series on The Everyday Belle! L’Edition translates to “the edit” or “the edition” in French and is my version of a roundup of all the intriguing things I’ve come across over the course of the week.  I’ll be sharing everything from must-read articles to favorite products with you every Friday.  I know how Friday afternoons can drag on and on so feel free to pop over to peruse and keep occupied until the weekend officially starts!

The Thomas Mason for J. Crew collaboration is stealing my heart with its crisp cotton blouses and dresses in chic stripes and gingham.  These are definitely pieces that will live in your closet forever.  I just purchased this striped off the shoulder shirt and I have my eye on this gingham dress.

Photo via J.Crew

In case you missed it or have been hiding from any political news because let’s be honest, it’s dreadful these days, Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine LePen in France’s runoff election this week and um, thank goodness, because the last thing we need is more isolationist fear mongering political leaders in the world today. Here’s what you need to know about France’s new president. Vive la France!

Looking for your next beach read? This list from Cup of Jo with everything from gossipy satire to dealing with grief and finding resilience (so looking forward to reading Option B) will keep you busy.

Photo via

This beautiful essay about mothers before they became mothers feels fitting not only because Sunday is Mother’s Day (yes, this is your friendly reminder) but also because I am currently existing in an in-between space.  I am no longer the woman I was before I became a mother yet I am not yet existing separately from my child.  Whether you’re a mother or daughter or both, this piece with spark some interesting reflection.

Speaking of mothers, I’ve been taking a new prenatal vitamin for the last month and it’s the best one I’ve tried yet.  Forte Elements uses vitamins and minerals for the most comprehensive prenatal vitamin I’ve found on the market.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to the arrival of New Paris, a beautiful book that delves into how food, art, fashion, design, wine and more are evolving in Paris today.  A reflection on ten years living in Paris filled with saturated hues of Paris scenes, it’s a must have for any Paris book collection.

Photo via

Well, that’s all for now! Bon weekend!



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