L’Edition No. 2

It feels appropriate to start this week’s L’Edition with an article about how procrastination can be genetic.  I don’t know what it is with me lately but I can’t seem to tackle my to-do lists with the same fervor I once had.  Maybe it’s the five-pound baby living inside me?  In any case, the procrastination struggle is real.  The good news?  It can be overcome – even if you did inherit it.  Read on to find out how.  Personally, I’ve found this day planner has really helped me manage my days and be realistic about what I can accomplish.

I’m starting to pack my hospital bag and obviously am using this as an excuse to shop for a new weekender bag.  Usually, these lists are filled with crazy expensive options that make me laugh but this one has a ton of cute options under $100.  Isn’t there just something so glamorous about a travel bag just for weekend getaways?  For some reason this makes me think of heading out to the Hamptons for a quick jaunt or to Maine for lobsters at a bed and breakfast.  I have a feeling the whole giving birth/hospital thing will be somewhat less picturesque but a cute bag might help, right?

If you don’t follow New York Magazine’s column The Strategist, I highly recommend you start. They are constantly trying out new products and I am yet to be led astray.  I’m always on the look out for comfortable travel shoes and no, I don’t mean those flat, strappy sandals that you swear are super comfy but really you are lying to yourself because you want to look cute in photos.  I mean actual “let’s trek across this entire city for ten hours” travel shoes that won’t require me to sit down for breaks due to foot pain.  I’m definitely going to try this pair for my next trip, especially since I’ll be carrying a baby with me!

Oh, June, the warm weather is here to stay and the farmer’s markets come alive.  This time of year whets my palate for simple Provençal dishes composed of fresh from the field ingredients brimming with summer flavors. This soupe au pistou is the perfect way to welcome the season, especially when served with a fresh baguette from Di Bruno Brothers (for those of you Philly locals).

Lastly, it’s time to start lathering on the sunscreen and as a former sun worshiper, I still find sun protection a necessary evil rather than a joyous addition to my skincare routine.  Apparently, Korean sun protection is eons ahead of the good old USA thanks to our draconian FDA approvals process AND their sunscreen formulas are more elegant to apply.  Think more like a BB cream and less like…mayo.  I’m sold.




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