My Last Pregnancy Update Before Bébé

Bonjour, mes amies!  I can’t believe this is my last pregnancy update before the big day.  It feels so surreal to be this close to the end of pregnancy and the beginning of life with my daughter.  I’m feeling more reflective than ever about how much life is about to change and the reality of the responsibility of motherhood is really sinking in.  I spend a lot of my sleepless nights sitting in my glider in the nursery thinking about my own childhood and all the things I want for my daughter.  It’s a special time in these final weeks with her inside me and I’m trying to cherish it despite the physical challenges.  Now that my baby shower and our maternity shoots are over, it really feels like we’re in the homestretch.

How am I feeling?

I’m nearly 35 weeks now and this baby is getting too big for her home inside my uterus!  She is moving constantly and I can feel that she’s trying to shift into more comfortable positions inside increasingly cramped quarters.  I’ve had some pretty significant rib pain in the last couple weeks.  So much so that I actually ended up at labor and delivery because the pain on the right side had me worried about preeclampsia (it’s one of the symptoms).  Fortunately, my blood pressure has remained great and the doctors said it’s my ribs being pulled apart by the weight of the baby and the outward expansion of my abdomen.  My acupuncturist worked a miracle on the right side but a couple weeks later my left side started up and it is so painful!  I’m coping with that now and unfortunately, there’s no real remedy.  It’s making sleep hard to come by since every movement hurts so I’m pretty tired these days.

In other news, I found out my gestational diabetes isn’t nearly as bad as we thought it was!  During my trip to the hospital, I compared the hospital’s reading of my blood sugar with my One Touch monitor and found that my monitor read 20 points high.  I had already filled a prescription for insulin but thankfully hadn’t started it.  I ordered the Bayer Contour monitor and started testing with that to compare the readings.  It turns out I can eat almost anything without elevating my blood sugar!  I had been so hungry trying to get my sugar down so this has been a huge relief and I have definitely been making up for weeks of no weight gain!  Pregnancy has definitely furthered my belief in listening to my gut and not taking everything doctors say at face value.  Do your research!

How big is baby?

SO BIG.  She’s at least five pounds and almost as long as she’ll be when she’s born.  These photos were taken two weeks ago and she was as big as a pineapple!  At 35 weeks, she’s as big as a honeydew melon.  At 40 weeks she will be as big as a watermelon! What. That’s so big…


Still craving sweet! Loving all the spring fruit, lots of berries, honeydew melon (ironically) and fresh basil!

Weight gain?

Let’s just not even talk about this anymore.  Lots of weight gain.  Lots of feeling huge.

How am I preparing for birth?

I’m still going to a chiropractor and doing acupuncture once a week.  I’ve started drinking red raspberry leaf tea that’s known to tone the uterus and I plan to start evening primrose oil at week 37.  This week we are working on our birth plan and we had a great meeting with our doula where we discussed the stages of labor and what to expect.  My hospital bag is packed and we are installing the car seat tomorrow!

What’s the best part about being pregnant so far?

We had a 4D ultrasound and saw really clear pictures of our little girl’s face.  From what we could see, she’s a total combination of both of us and it made her feel so much more real!  Now my anticipation for meeting her is at an all time high.  Also, lately she’s been kicking (or elbowing?) me in the right side and I like to poke her back when she does it.  We usually go back and forth a few times and it’s incredible to interact with her.

If you have any pregnancy questions feel free to leave them in the comments!  It’s such a wild ride and I’ve found the companionship of other women who are currently pregnant or have recently been pregnant is such a helpful and amazing support system.  I will always have a place in my heart for the mamas that have been with me on this journey.  Next stop, motherhood!


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