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There were so many aspects of Bringing Up Bébé that resonated but one of the themes that really stuck with me is how French women actively pursue regaining their pre-pregnancy habits and bodies through self-care and taking time for themselves.  One of the aspects of having a new baby that has me a bit scared is losing touch with the parts of my life that are important to me and feeling put together is high up on my list!  I know it can be tough to find the time and energy to feel pretty in those early weeks so I reached out to Lashbee to explore getting eyelash extensions as a little prenatal treat that would help me feel good without needing to apply makeup (or deal with removing mascara which is one of my least favorite activities!).

The experience at Lashbee was lovely and I’m so excited to go back and get my lashes filled!  The light filled space and sunny, yellow décor exude such a positive, happy vibe.  It felt like a little oasis, especially in this crazy heat we’ve been experiencing! The initial application takes about two hours (laying on your back) so I would recommend that pregnant mamas start in their second trimester.  However, I had mine applied at 33 weeks and it really was pretty comfortable with lots of pillows to prop up my legs.  I actually fell asleep for a good portion of the application!  I think going to get them filled every two to three weeks will be a nice opportunity to close my eyes and relax in the midst of life with a new baby.

My biggest concern with lashes was that they look and feel natural.  I don’t tend to gravitate toward dramatic makeup as I’ve mentioned here and I didn’t want anything that would look too obvious, especially with my blonde hair.  My stylist totally understood what I was seeking and even suggested I go with a brown lash, which I think was a perfect recommendation for my coloring.

It has been so nice to feel so put together without makeup on going into summer! If you are in Philly, I highly recommend heading to Lashbee for your own set.  To book an appointment head here or give them a call at 215-367-1664. Use my code “Everyday Belle” for $10 off your first set!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all the opinions are completely my own.  I am extremely picky about the brands I collaborate with and only share products I genuinely love and think you will, too! These collabs help keep The Everyday Belle up and running and ensure I’m always on top of the latest trends and products so you are, too!


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  1. Megan

    I haven’t tried last extensions that you get filled yet but for a wedding I had clusters put in that stayed for about a week. The first time I got them done I really liked them but I waited a couple of months before I tried again and felt that they were way too dramatic for my small face haha have you had any experience with the cluster ones? Or just the individual lashes?


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