How I Welcome Spring into Our Home


It’s no secret that I LOVE spring!  I feel like I’m only functioning at half mast for most of the winter and I come alive again in the spring.  The struggle is real.  Does anyone else feel this way? I think maybe I was a bear in a past life.  After spending so much time indoors, I feel like it’s necessary to give our home a refresh to celebrate and embrace the new season.  Here are my favorite ways to welcome spring into our home.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers, flowers everywhere!  I love bringing bright blooms indoors and putting them in all different types of vessels (I love these gold vases!).  I think glass pitchers have an especially fresh feel for spring.  I make sure to place them throughout the house, particularly in the spaces where we spend the most time.  I keep it seasonal with tulips, lilies, ranunculus, lilacs and dahlias.  I also like to incorporate branches like cherry blossoms, eucalyptus and pussy willows in tall arrangements (perfect for an entry way).


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Smudge Sticks & Palo Santo

Smudging with sage is known to heal, cleanse and purify.  Many believe it “washes off” what was previously there.  I like to light a small bundle of sage and walk it through my house to signify the start of a new season and the end of the previous one.  I also like to light palo santo in a pretty dish and let it fill the space with its rich smoke.  It’s an ancient practice said to have both physical and spiritual healing properties.


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Growing new life in your garden is a beautiful way to welcome spring.  I like to plant rosemary, thyme, basil and mint to use all summer long.  I also fill a few larger pots with lavender – it smells divine and keeps away mosquitos, too!  I try to wait until I’m sure we won’t have any more freezes but if you do, just bring the plants indoors until it warms up again!


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Closet Cleaning

This is by far my least favorite activity but probably the one that makes me feel most spring-ready. Throughout the winter coats get shoved into closets with scarves draping, our linen closet devolves into a tangle of blankets after taking them in and out for lots of guest sleepovers and cold weather cuddles and it just becomes necessary to start fresh.  I recommend taking everything out of the closet and then putting it back in.  Yes, it’s time-consuming but it’s easier in the long run.

Professional Housecleaning

It’s worth the splurge to get everything deeply cleaned after all the time spent indoors during the winter.  I stock up on all natural supplies to keep things as non-toxic as possible since most cleaners use more mainstream products that can leave your house smelling like chemicals and bleach.  We love Mrs. Meyer’s, especially the basil scent!


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Changing Linens

I love the idea of changing bedding for spring and summer to a light, airy feeling duvet and sheets.  I haven’t done this yet but it’s on my list!


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How do you transition your home for spring? Recommendations welcome!




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