Five Things For a Belle Week

On the theme of self love, here are five links to give yourself a little extra dose of warmth and comfort as the days get a little more brisk.

{1} Get Organized. During the summer months it’s easy to let your home get a little….hectic. Plans take you out of town and outdoors where you can hide from messes or simply decide not to deal with them on a perfect summer day. As temps take a dive and home becomes a refuge, it’s nice to feel like everything is in order so you can relax in your space. Sometimes I feel like Pinterest hacks are geared toward people with a much different lifestyle/budget/space than I do. This Refinery29 article is geared toward twenty-somethings and will help you get your metaphorical ducks in a row.

f12706189aed81ed09ca169902457681Photo: Buzzfeed

{2} Get Prettified. I am not low maintenance. I am a total product junkie and love to try the latest and greatest products. However, I am also not (I repeat not) a morning person, so any product that makes my life easier or enables me to snooze that much longer is a winner in my book. Check out the ultimate “lazy girl” (really, Allure?), more like “smart girl” beauty buys here.

d1f6844e8c99f1f10e4d9730744737b7Photo: StyleCaster

{3} Get Cozy. I love the ease of fall dressing on chillier days. I’m obsessed with leggings from Aritzia (a post on that love affair to come) and it’s so easy to feel put together yet super comfy with a good sweater. This list of sweater essentials has you quite literally covered.


{4} Get Inspired. I have a deep love of decor composed of simple neutrals. There’s something so sane and comforting about a crisp white kitchen. For those of you who enjoy dreaming of your forever home like I do, here are some seriously pretty kitchens for your daydreaming pleasure.

52ebcdd6c0e04$!400xPhoto: Style Me Pretty

{5} Get Healthy. Fall for me is not typically synonymous with clean eating. Pumpkin mixes best with sugar in pie form in my humble opinion and hearty stews laden with meaty goodness aren’t exactly light fare. When I found this article about healthy but satisfying crock pot recipes I was skeptical to say the least. But the recipes are decidedly autumnal and delicious, too!

opener_0Photo: Pinch of Yum

 Take care of yourself and passez une belle semaine! xx




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