Five Things for a Belle Week

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with relaxation, moderate to severe overeating, good friends, and lots of laughs. I’m still recovering from mine by browsing the Internet, checking e-mails, and sipping on coffee with coconut milk. Here are a few particularly good links I’ve found for your own browsing pleasure.

{1} Be more photogenic. Do you ever wonder how some people manage to always look fabulous in photos? Or maybe you just wonder why you like your reflection in the mirror but then find yourself deleting every photo taken of you over the weekend? If you are a vain social media maven (ahem…) or just trying to get better snaps of yourself this summer, check out these tips for being more photogenic. (See photo below for proof that these tips really work!)

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{2} Get away from it all. Tis the season for weekend getaways with lovers and friends. I’m so excited to have some free weekends this summer to make spontaneous plans to get out of town. So far all of my Airbnb rental experiences have been wonderful which makes this the perfect list to delve into. For the most out-there, architecturally dynamic, and unique Airbnb rentals look no further!


{3} Spend some quality time with yourself. Whether you are in a relationship or single, spending time alone is crucial. After my first major breakup, I found myself living in a new city and was forced to spend a lot of time doing activities alone. It was amazing to discover how much I enjoyed my own company and how absolutely wonderful I was to spend time with. Fast forward to me booking several flights and trains across Europe to travel solo and the amazing times I had there with only myself to rely on. After getting into another relationship I quickly slipped back into my old codependent ways. My fiancé travels a lot for work and while at first I felt this was a curse, I now see it as such a blessing. It’s articles like this that I love because they remind me to live my life in the healthiest and most interesting way possible. Read and then take yourself out alone!


{4} Creative spaces. I recently wrote about what some of the most successful creatives do when they are in a creative rut which led me to think about whether my surroundings affect my creativity. I definitely believe that your home has the ability have a large impact on your creativity and your output as a creative person. I tend to surround myself with neutral colors, organic shapes and relics from travels past to keep the creative juices flowing. For some inspiration on how to craft your own creativity-inspiring space, take a look at this article which gives you glimpses into the homes of the top creatives from around the world.


{5} Be more motivated to wake up. Lastly, in honor of this particularly slow-moving morning, here are some realistic tips on how to become more of a morning person. I strongly believe that I will never be one of these so-called morning folks. However, I have found that small changes such as making a game plan for my day and showering first thing affect the level of “needing to get back in bed” feelings I generate each AM.

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