Styling Denim for Spring + a Pregnancy Update

By the time April hits it just feels wrong to keep wearing my winter clothes even if the weather hasn’t changed all that much yet.  Pair this with the added challenge of a rapidly growing bump and my outfits have gotten a little repetitive as of late.  Think leggings, boots, repeat.  Is anyone else so ready to pull out their dresses already?  I have been wanting to wear this denim dress for a while but waiting for a warm enough day to go bare legged was just not happening – especially during my trip to Chicago this past weekend.  So I put it on over leggings and paired it with a long vest for a cold weather spring look that I ended up really loving.  I’m really into wearing vests as a transitional spring piece over tees and tanks with jeans, I have my eye on this flowy Gap vest and this structured vest, too.denim-dressdenim-dressdenim-dress

You know those outfits that you’re like is this cute or weird?  I have that conversation with myself pretty often now that I’m six months pregnant.  I can almost hear Regina George telling me to stop trying to make fetch happen when I try to wear literally everything I own over leggings.  I don’t think I’ll be able to wear this denim dress for long though because this baby girl is GROWING so I’m glad I made it work when I did!  I may have to purchase this Old Navy maternity denim dress since I loved this look so much.

denim-dress denim-dressdenim-dressdenim-dress

That brings me to pregnancy! I haven’t written an update since I entered my second trimester and now I’m only a few weeks from my third trimester – which is all sorts of crazy.  I felt like my first trimester dragged on and on. The worry about whether baby would make it to the second trimester paired with feeling sick all the time made it feel about twice as long as the second trimester.  I’m not sure if other women find the first trimester as emotionally taxing, but it was definitely harder on me than I expected.  Worrying about something you have so little control over is tough!  That’s not to say I don’t still worry about my little girl in there, but I definitely feel a bit more reassured now that I can feel her kicking and flipping around – which is definitely my favorite part of pregnancy so far!  I’m answering the main questions I’ve been receiving from friends, family and my lovely readers below!

How am I feeling?

I’m 24 weeks now and for the most part, I feel great!  I’m definitely more tired than I am normally and I have to do less on a given day than I’m used to, but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself since I am growing a human after all. Now that I’m getting bigger, I definitely feel some of the effects from that – I’m talking heartburn, getting short of breath easily, round ligament pain, and feeling big and full no matter how small my meals are.  I love my bump though and think it’s worth the discomfort!

How big is baby?

My apps all say different things (I use What to Expect, Ovia and The Bump), so she’s somewhere around the size of a cantaloupe, an ear of corn and an eggplant.  She weighs around a pound and a half although it feels like more!


All sweet all the time! They say girls make you crave sugar and I cannot dispute that one bit. I’m normally a savory over sweets girl but you can’t pry the ice cream and CAKE out of my hands these days. Holy moly do I love cake. I highly recommend the Chantilly cake from Whole Foods, if you’re in the market for cake. Which I am. Daily.

Weight gain?

I think I’m right on track. My doctor said to aim for around 25 pounds total. I’m trying not to drive myself crazy over this and just trying to stay in a healthy range. My body looks completely different than it ever has and I’m embracing all these new curves (hello, cleavage!) and enjoying it for the most part.

How am I preparing for birth?

I’m taking a hypnobirthing class, doing prenatal yoga and my postnatal doula is encapsulating my placenta. I’m hoping for an all natural birth but I’m very aware that things happen in delivery that can change the plan so I’m embracing whatever comes.

What’s the best part about being pregnant so far?

Baby kicks and movement! It’s the most amazing experience I have ever had feeling her dance around in there. Although sometimes it feels like it’s Studio 54 in there around 4 AM and I ask baby girl to please take it down a notch!

Stay tuned for my complete list of where to shop for maternity clothes coming soon!



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