The Loveliest Etsy Shops For Baby

I fell for Etsy when I was wedding planning and spent an embarrassing amount of time and money acquiring custom items that made our day feel personal and bespoke.  Likewise, when it comes to baby things, there’s a seemingly endless supply of big retailers but I’ve found I’m much more drawn to the more off-beat, whimsical pieces from Etsy.  I’ve spent many an insomniac night looking for the perfect baby turban (yep, it’s a thing) or the pom adorned swaddle of my dreams (also, a thing) to bring you this list of my favorite Etsy baby shops.  I hope you enjoy it!


(1) Hair bows.  Yes, this is a category of shops all its own.  It seems as though there is a never ending supply of hairbows to be purchased in the wee hours of the morning and I’m sure I’ve only tapped the surface of this vast ocean of top knots and felt flowers.  For simple, classic headband bows that are ideal for newborns and young babies as well as pretty pastel teething necklaces, I love The Modern Little.  I’m also a big fan of Love, AmalieMaren – the shop is filled with prettily patterned tuxedo bows, knotted headbands (including lots of stripes), mama and me bows (I know, so cute) and little velvet bow headbands.  For the minimalist mama, Little Lu has you covered with simple cotton bows, knotted head wraps, and turbans.  Little Highbury has a playful selection of prints (think donuts and flamingos) in organic cotton along with beanies and swaddles.  Lastly, at first glance, Harp Angel Boutique feels a little too cutesy for me with its glittery bows, but look past that and you’ll find an excellent collection of floral felt headbands, striped bows, lace headbands, and bloomers.


(2) Decor.  This category could really be never ending since there are so many amazing Etsy shops for home decor that also work for nurseries but I’ll try to stick to mostly baby shops here.   Knotted Pine Design has the best wooden letters, I’m super partial to the bonjour letters.  I may buy them today (I know, I have a problem).  I also love Whimsy Timber for their wood monograms.  Those baby animal prints you’ve seen in every Pinterest nursery can be found here by Hello Gorgeous Wall Art.  Floral monograms, you say?  Right this way at Pauletta Store.  In the market for a teepee?  Check out Little Wanderer and Tuscon Teepee.  I’ve had my eye on the play mats by Le Coco Archie for a while and I think they would go perfectly under a teepee.  I also love these sweetly sentimental pillows from Bright July.  For felt mobiles, I love Home Harmony Creators and for cloud mobiles, you need to check out Baby Jives Co (also love their black and white printed swaddles).  Lastly, for crib sheets, boppy covers, loveys, and changing pad covers in every cute print you’ve seen on Pinterest and Instagram, check out Ivie Baby.


(3) Clothes and swaddles. TBH, I haven’t delved too deeply into clothes since my little babe will be in onesies and not much else for the first few months.  However, of course, I have found a few favorites along the way.  I have found a wealth of swaddle options and it’s taken great restraint not to order one every day.  First, OMG the pom pom blankets from Amavi Dreams.  All the swaddle and headband sets from Fawn and Sage.  Again, Ivie Baby has the cutest rompers and hats in all the prints.  Ok, I lied, I have quite a few favorite shops for clothes: Arrow and Fringe for boho bibs and bloomers, Elle Belle Bliss for headbands and bloomers, JayLillieBaby for real leather mocassins that give Freshly Picked a run for their money, Frances Fawn Handmade for bibs and bonnets, Anchore Deep for minimalist baby clothes, Lulu and Roo and Baby Sprouts Co. for beautiful basics and French style striped everything, and Kuti Kati for playful pieces.


(4) Toys. There are so many sweet, non-plastic toys on Etsy.  I’m not sure if my baby will love them, but I think they are way more desirable than the stuff I’ve found at big box stores.  The modern wood toys from Little Sapling Toys top my list.  I love the silicone and wood teethers from Peekaboo Chew.  Love, love, love the baby gyms from Alluring Co. All the pastel painted wood from Fawn Over Baby, especially the little cameras! Lastly, pacifier clips and teething toys from Sweetie Pie Design Co.

I’m sure this list will grow over time. Have no fear, the research will continue since I’m sure I’ll be scouring Etsy at 4 AM while nursing in just a few weeks…


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