Fall Makeup Refresh

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed hearing about how much you loved the makeup I recommended in this previous post. Knowing the tried and true products that I love saves me so much time and energy. I hope that it can help you do so, too! Also, a word to the wise: Sephora is amazing about returns. If a product irritates my skin or just doesn’t perform to my standards, they are completely understanding and willing to refund me. That makes a HUGE difference in being able to discover the best products for your particular skin and desired aesthetic.

Personally, my skin is a little all over the place. I break out, get dry, my pores are huge in some places and less noticeable in others, I always have under eye circles, and if I break out the scar lasts for at least three months. I look for products that can handle all that jazz. And I absolutely will not settle for less. Here are my latest discoveries for your purchasing pleasure. Another tip: if you’re not looking to replace a particular product yet, create a Pinterest board solely for products. Pin the ones you think you might want next time around so when it comes time to replace you’ll have all the research done for you.

{1} Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. For a long time I have used Benefit’s POREfessional Face Primer and I’m still a huge fan. I like primers that go on smoothly, fill in fine lines and pores, reduce oil, and of course, keep my makeup on. Yes, the Hourglass primer is expensive. But you only need a tiny bit and it makes skin look smooth and holds on to makeup like you wouldn’t believe. Consider me converted.


{2}Laura Mercier Setting Powder. Another undercover genius product, set your makeup and prevent oiliness with this translucent setting powder. Never chalky, and light as a feather. My makeup has never lasted this long.

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{3} Diorskin Nude Foundation. For pigmented face products, I’m a Dior gal through and through. Their 002 color might as well have been made for me, and I have a sneaking suspicion their colors are designed to make everyone feel that way. Since glowing skin is so in, I opted to try this nude version of their foundation as opposed to my old standby Diorskin Forever. I usually stay away from “nude” foundations because that’s what BB cream is for. However, this layers really nicely and gives my skin a nice glow without making me appear shiny or allowing too many imperfections to peer through.


{4} Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have tried dozens of concealers and typically I like them for covering certain areas but not others. Some are great for reducing under eye circles but then are too oily to stay on blemishes. Some are just not pigmented enough to cover really red marks, while others seem to disappear within the hour. This is the first concealer I have found that does all the things. And does them really, really well.


{5} Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. This is my desert island product. Extremely moisturizing, in every color you could imagine, with sunscreen and a lovely scent. My favorite staple color is the Sugar Rosé but I also love their more colorful shades like Sheer Hot Pink and Sugar Petal.


Let me know your thoughts on these new beautifying buys! xx


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