A Boho Baby Shower Look

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a dear friend’s baby shower.  Normally dressing for spring showers is a breeze but pregnancy dressing is a whole other thang.  I really miss some of my non-pregnancy wardrobe, and I was determined to fit into this dress just one more time before my belly got any bigger.  Spoiler alert: it’s been two days and I don’t think the belly would fit now.  Another spoiler alert: I had to take off my bra mid-shower because it was just so uncomfortable and besides, isn’t comfort what being boho is all about?  I digress.

Anyway, I love love love pairing a boho dress with a more tailored, ladylike high heel to dress my look up for special occasions, especially heading into spring.  Free People and Spell & The Gypsy Collective are my go-to brands for flowing, boho dresses with pretty prints.  I like that they include just the right amount of structure and style in their designs to keep the silhouettes flattering and of-the-moment.  Plus, they are the *best* for twirling.


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